organic heirloom vegetable seeds

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Growing food this year? Inflation is up, supply chains are breaking down, and store shelves are looking bare. Time to grow a garden!

Heirloom seeds are as nature intends – unmodified, natural genetic lines that breed true. This means you can collect the seeds and grow them again. In other words, the opposite of Monsanto GMO crap. My seeds are grown and harvested by myself in my own organic backyard garden, and come from plant lines I have grown for several seasons. The varieties I grow are particularly suited to BC and the Okanagan.

– squash
– pumpkin
– peas
– beans
– cannabis/hemp
– lettuce
– a few types of tomato
– more

I will consider trades/cash. I can exchange at the Saturday rallies or at local meeting spots etc. Email to discuss!

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